A Timeless Heritage.

Modern Marvel.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurates Ayodhya Ram Mandir on January 22, 2024, marking a historic moment.


The temple is completely built with stones without the use of steel. This phenomenon will help make the temple last for a millennium.


Over 26,500 stones digitally tracked, interlocked with precision, reinforced with copper pins for structural integrity.


Ram Mandir has been constructed using rare pink Bansi Paharpur stones from Bharatpur district for a unique aesthetic appeal.


This L&T Construction-built marvel has a staggering height of 161.75 feet, a length of 380 feet, and a width of 249.5 feet.


Fine construction techniques curated to withstand Zone 4 earthquakes, ensuring structural integrity and safety.


The temple's ground floor has 166 pillars, the first 142, and the second 82, Each floor has 6 Makrana Marble pillars with over 10,000 intricate carvings  of Moortis and Themes.


Construction involves 6300 sq. meter concrete raft, utilizing durable M35 grade plain cement without reinforcement for added strength.